Contribute to change


Config was envisioned to help communities from the start. We wanted to build Config for our company and share it with other companies-- big or small--in efficiently managing configuration files to avoid a lot of product issues, saving time and money. But we thought, why stop there, and not build a product that is purposely driven to help others?

So we wanted a cause to be at the core of why we are building Config. Every product that is born into the world wants to make it a better place, so that is why this is an essential part of Config.

Who are Qualified to Join?
We envision the scholarship portfolio to be able to assist students from different levels: from primary to tertiary education, with various levels of assistance. After all, people have different needs at a specific point in their lives, and it's not based on their age, but on their current situation.

The scholarship grants would initially be open to US Residents, only because we are a US-based company and we want to start helping immediately. As our product scales up, so is our capacity to help, and we definitely would want to open it to more people regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion.

How are Beneficiaries Selected?
We are partnering with civic organizations and NGOs like Scholarship America in delivering assistance to students and communities. They have the expertise and they offer services that make selection of beneficiaries more efficient, to make sure that our customers' contributions go where they should.

We will provide helpful links on the selection criteria once grants have been designed together with the charitable institutions.