DevOps and Agile Infrastructure

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Agile was an idea of ​​infrastructure optimization that inspired DevOps. Config is a tool for application configuration management that is in line with the DevOps philosophy. DevOps The IT environment is extremely complex, but this is no mystery. The mystery, in fact, was the delay in finding out why several teams, operating in this segment in common, do not work … Read More

Devops Tools and Configuration Management

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DevOps culture requires increased communication between teams of development, quality and operation. It also requires a centralized environment for the operation of DevOps practices automation cycle tools. Introduction Have you ever figured out how to manage thousands of machines or nodes on an enterprise infrastructure? And if you need to upgrade a software, will it go into each node? If … Read More

How to use configuration settings in C #

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Photo by Lukas from Settings allow you to keep critical application information out of code and create profiles that store user preferences individually. Managing settings of a complex application saves a lot of time and effort. Introduction The .NET Framework 2.0 allows you to create and access values ​​held between application execution sessions. These values ​​are called settings. Settings … Read More

Agile Project Practices

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Agile practices were established to address ever-changing project requirements during the course of software development while ensuring high quality of the product. In software development, when you start the project you can have a clear view about the system and what you want it to be, once the requirements have already been raised. However, at some point during the project … Read More

The Importance of Continuous Integration for Agile Management

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Photo by markusspiske from Continuous Integration is a way to bring security to changes, which are very common in agile projects. This ensures speed of delivery while keeping high quality of output. Introduction In software development projects it is common to find teams in which two or more developers work on the same set of software artifacts. According to … Read More

What are agile methods?

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons from Agile methods are an alternative to traditional project management. These methods have been helping many teams to deal with unpredictability within a project through incremental deliveries and iterative cycles. Introduction What are agile methods? This is not a rare question to be heard, especially by people who have just discovered some agile method like … Read More

The importance of Web.config

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Photo by n3wjack from Web.config’s function is solely and exclusively to be a file (in XML format) where we must store configurations linked to the project. You can let Config manage your XML configuration files and files written in different formats (ini, json, and properties, with more formats to be supported soon). Introduction The presence of the Web.config file … Read More